Due to some restrictions in the Official WhatsApp version then best option to download GB WhatsApp Apk. In that Apk new version there are many advance functions and options to make Installer life easy and safe.

Gbwhatsapp Apk

Developer team worked hard to make the latest version of Official WhatsApp. In that customized Mod APK app we will get many extra Options like Hiding Status, DND, Auto Replay and many more. All applications of APK that kind Third Party will give free to use and people will not pay any cost for these extra quality of Using WhatsApp.

This App will give an option to hide your status from any user you want at any time but its missing in the WhatsApp messenger. What sets GB WhatsApp APK apart is its remarkable flexibility, encompassing aspects like safety, privacy, and a wide range of customization options. The Software also includes advanced privacy settings, providing users with greater control over their chating experience.

GBWhatsApp APK

Download GB WhatsApp Apk

Summary of GBWhatsApp Latest Version

GBWA has many interesting and wonderful collection of features. Due to these attracting options User will Look no further than GB WhatsApp for a chat programme that combines the best features of WhatsApp and more.

Auto Replay: To make our chats faster and easy then Auto replay of that modded program is best option. Where we can send automatically replay of any text to our friends any time.

DND Feature: Do Not Disturb ( DND ) is the best option in our APK App setting to prevent from any notification and text during busy time. When we will enable that option no will call or text us because our online status is hide from them. 

Text Message Broadcast: In official WhatsApp its missing to send a text to large number or receipts at same time but in GB WhatsApp Latest Version its also encluded. In That Modded version of 2024 we can send a message too many friends at same time and also good option for group conversation. 

Filter Text Message:  To clear your chat filter text message can be use. By using that option, a Modded GBWhatsApp program user can easily delete his chat from any friend to make your security more efficient.

Anti Revoke Messages Features: In many conversations sender will delete the message before that we read. So, to prevent from missing of any message this app gives you the facility to see the deleted messages of any user.

Share live locations: Likewise original Whatsapp we can share live location in the GB WA program.

Outstanding Effects: If a user is tired of by using WhatsApp effects and themes from a long time ago then there is best option to change your Chatting effect in WhatsApp Latest version although this allows to make sacredly differ customization in differ friends chat.

Send Maximum Pictures & Videos: This APk app will give you more limit than official program. You can send 90 photos in HD result, 50 MB video clip and 100 MB Audio file will also be included at same time.

Download Status: In GB WhatsApp pro version its amazing option to allow you download status of your any friend. That’s missing in original Application to save status directly in your phone memory and need extra downloader which is much boring thing.

Amazing Font: Like them and effect customization this App also has changing of fonts. That thing makes your chat more interesting with your contact.

Hide your Status: Another best feature in this app is you can hide your status from any contact. Hiding of status is another millstone to make your security better and more reliable.

Best Image Quality: Further more in that program you can photos to your friends in HD quality.

Log History: By Using this app, you will be able to see your friends log history at any time.

Language: By using this App, you will be able to select the language from the default lost.

Notification: In that modded program it’s also incredible feature that you will be alarmed by a notification when any one from your contacts will change his profile picture.

How to Download GB WhatsApp APK 2024?

Its quite simple and easy to Download GBWhatsApp APK version according to your interest. In that web blog all versions of GBWA are given you can select your favorite update of Application and follow simple steps to download GBWhatsApp.

  • Click on download button give on that page then downloading will also start automatically.
  • After download your device will ask you to allow unknown files to install don’t warry to check that option because GB Whatsapp APK is a safe file to install
  • After these steps check on download button then automatically this modded App, is Install now enjoy to use GB WhatsApp updated version.

GBWhatsApp for iPhone:

If you talk about the mobile devices then iPhone is always best choice of any user. Millions of iPhone users don’t now to download and install IOS file in their device. IF iPhone users want to install that modded GB App, then just follow the simple steps given below to get IOS file.

  • Open Brower on Device
  • Click on the IOS file link during downloading
  • After downloading go to install that file
  • Click on install and it will be done so Fastly
  • By completing that installation, you can Login your profile and enjoy that Application smoothly 

Privacy Control

If you want to talk about the popularity of that App, worldwide in millions of users then GB WhatsApp Privacy control is the key factor. By using that Modded program you have complete control of your basic and sensitive info to friends. It depends on your permissions how much you allow your friends to know about you. Some main Key functions are given here

  • Online status
  • Double tick
  • Bluetick
  • Microphone setting 
  • Recording of status
  • Typing status

There are also many more controls discussed above

The Way to Update and install GBWhatsApp

First of all you want to update or install GB WhatsApp APK latest version or you want to GB WhatsApp Download then its best to re-visit our web GBApps.biz also here some procedures are discussed below.

Procedure 1: When you get about Notification to update your version then you need to open the setting of your device to allow unknown source because its all about to getting Application, outside of play store.

Procedure 2: Now you should download GBWhatsApp APK Latest version to update your program. You can also install that latest version on your PC.

Procedure 3: After making the previous procedures open the save application on your mobile device or on your personal computer then follow the instruction on your screen given by program. This will be done easily by ending that process. You can login you account and enjoy the using of latest update.

Completely Customized Theme:

One of the most popular additions in GBWhatsApp is the customization of them in you chat messenger over all or Spratly to any friend chat. 

Sending Large Size Files:

During using original WhatsApp you will face to send a big size file due limitation of file size. GB Apps have solved that issue and now you can send large size files easily by using GBWhatsApp.

Backing up GBWhatsApp Information:

During changing of you phone number or device then its important to get your text, image and videos backup to prevent from lasting of your Data. Its also can be done easily by using GB WA version. By Following below procedures it can be done.

Process # 1: Back-up GBWhatsApp with apk.

To make backup with APK file it will be done by making two easy steps of GB Whatsapp APK latest version.

Procedure 1:  First off, all find setting by using search button then chat backup.

Procedure 2: By clicking on chat button, you will be able to save your backup date into your internal storage.

Alternative Process # 2: Backup GBWhatsApp with a pc.

Dr. Fone is one of the most popular Application, to send and receive files from PC. Installers can also use that Application for backup purpose.

What is GBWhatsApp APK?
Its work like WhatsApp with more amazing and extra features.
Is GBWhatsApp APK Safe?
Yes, for android & iPhone devices it’s safe to use.
Can GbWhatsapp Work on iPhone? 
Yes, It’s working smoothly by suing IOS file of GBWA.
Can I Need to root my phone for this app? 
No, it will not ask you to root your device.
if I want to Backup then can I got back up data? 
Yes, it can be easily done.
Should we need to update GbWhatsapp?
No, It’s not necessary for working of this App. But if you want to get update version with more amazing features then you can do that easily.
WhatsApp Account ban OR Any Privacy issue?
No, there is no issue regarding ban or privacy issue in this program.
Can I use Dual Whatsapp In Same Mobile Phone? 
Yes it’s developed for that purpose to use multiple whatsApp accounts.

Final Wordings

GBWhatsApp is the customized app with having best and more advanced functions those are missing in Official WhatsApp. In GbwhatsApp Download privacy control and security of user is done properly. If you want to use this secure app with out paying any thing then its best option to use this Application. GB WhatsApp is serving the users since 2017. Now its make 500 millions plus app so don’t make any question regarding security during installing that program. Thanks to visit our website and we recommend our visitor to bookmark and re-visit regulary to our web blog to get latest version of this program. 

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